September 4, 2012

Blueberry-Graham Greek Frozen Yogurt

What is that contraption dispensing delightful frozen treats into my dessert bowl? It's called Yonanas, and it was my carefully premeditated impulse buy of the weekend. This isn't a product review, but briefly: the Yonanas machine has a super-fast set of rotating blades inside that cranks creamy frozen yogurt like dessert from frozen bananas and other fruits. It's ice cream -- sans milk, fat, and added sugar. Sign me up.

I found out about it when I walked my dog past someone else's overflowing recycling bin two weeks ago and noticed the box popping out. It doesn't take much more than a picture of a dessert machine to stop me in my tracks. And I am sorry, unknown neighbor person, that I might have casually rummaged through your bin while looking over my shoulder to make sure nobody was around. I just needed a second look at the Yonanas box. And also I have no shame.

Part of me wishes I had never seen it, because then a) I'd be $50 richer, and b) I wouldn't have just eaten large bowls of (healthy, fruit-disguised-as) dessert two nights in a row. But I'm 99% glad I did see, it because this thing is awesome!

Problem: Matt hates bananas. Issue: This machine was born literally to process frozen bananas. After extensive research, I was glad to read that it happily accepts other fruits along with the bananas, and even other fruits on their own if you want something a bit more sorbet-like in texture. But I needed to know that I could accomplish that creamy, fro-yo texture and taste without bananas (Let's be honest, while I love feeding M, this was really about being able to justify to him that we actually needed this machine so I could keep it). 

As I swiped my credit card at Kitchen Kapers, the entire store's staff (okay it was just three people) were taking bets on whether Matt would end up falling in love with the machine even though he hates bananas.

I probably owe those people a follow up phone call. Because tonight we made some very truly delicious true frozen yogurt without the use of bananas. Knowing that I can use Yonanas to do this fast-tracked this machine from the "meh, maybe?" lane to the "frozen yogurt at the touch of a button!? let's keep it!" category.

I'm probably overly excited to keep trying different frozen yogurt, fruit, and ingredient combinations. Some I'm thinking of:
Apple pie: vanilla yogurt, dried apples, oats, and cinnamon
Peanut butter chocolate: frozen banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder
Peach cobbler: vanilla yogurt, frozen peaches, graham cracker

Allright, I'll stop, but I'll surely share with you more recipes as I make them! But move over Ben n' Jerry's Frozen Greek Yogurt -- we've got success with this homemade, totally healthy, pure ingredient Blueberry-Graham Frozen Greek Yogurt. That's dessert done right. 

*Note: I believe that you can use your food processor and/or blender to make this dessert, too. Some reviews online said that the Yonanas machine simply churns out a somewhat creamier and more cohesive product, but I am sure you'd have great results with what you've got.

Blueberry-Graham Greek Fro-Yo: serves two
1 6oz. cup blueberry greek yogurt (or other berry flavor)
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 rectangle graham cracker, broken
a dash of cinnamon

Stir the Greek yogurt to combine the berry flavor. On a non-stick baking sheet, dollop small rounded spoonfuls of the yogurt, then place in freezer until firm (about two hours). Next, using a Yonanas machine or blender, add (alternating, in this order if using Yonanas) frozen yogurt dollops, blueberries, graham cracker, cinnamon, bluberries, graham cracker, and ending with more frozen yogurt. Enjoy while cold.

Feel free to check out this link if you're interested in buying Yonanas.


  1. You could also freeze the yogurt in an ice cube tray. I do that with coconut milk for my Yonanas desserts.

  2. What a great idea, thank you for sharing it here!

  3. Bed Bath and Beyond has the Yonanas on sale for $24.99 plus bring a 20% off coupon brings it down to $19.99 I got mine 2 days ago.

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