Cooking is like love
It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.
- Harriet Van Horne

My name is Lauren, and I am just a regular girl who likes to cook.
I've only been cooking for a few years, ever since I first got my own kitchen in my little New York City apartment. Since then, I haven't really stopped. I've transplanted to Philadelphia, and although I have a bigger kitchen here, all that means is more room to move around in it while I cook. The truth is that delicious food can be cooked and eaten anywhere. What a fabulous thing it is...

I still spend the majority of each day dreaming in recipes, thinking about what I'll be making for dinner or the next party, looking things up that I wonder about, or mentally concocting various combinations of ingredients and wondering whether they'll taste good together. This, of course, means that I have to then make the dreamed-up creations. Immediately. You only know if you try, right?

In my day-to-day life I'm a mental health counselor, but the minute I get home I head straight into the kitchen to relax over the some quality time with the cutting board and pans.  Since I also love to write, PumpkinProse is my place to exercise my writing while keeping track of culinary adventures.

Some of the other things I really love are distance running, animals, being outside in sunshine, and learning small, important details about people.   

Feel free to email me at pumpkinprose@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.


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