June 26, 2011

A Pizza A Day

While M and I were honeymooning in Italy we ate at least one pizza a day. Here, I highlight our favorite pies. Perhaps it's partly the hunger brought on by the activity and excitement of travel, but this pizza tasted fresher, lighter, crisper, and far more delicious than any I've ever had in the states (no offense to Pepe's or Modern in New Haven or Colony in Stamford).

Perhaps these pies will give you ideas for your own homemade creations! One thing they are sure to do is bring on major cravings....

A popular pizza, offered almost everywhere and which we enjoyed in multiple cites and restaurants has red sauce, mozzarella and fresh prosciutto:

The above pie was enjoyed in a quiet but beautiful restaurant on the Island of Ischia, where we sat along a huge wall of sliding glass windows and looked out over the ocean while having pizza and pasta carbonara. We happened upon the restaurant on our way to the beach. We were starving, and it was open. It ended up being one of our best meals in Italy. It was unexpected and perfect.

Next I'll share the most delicious pizza we ate in Italy. It was at Da Bafetto in Rome, a pizzeria made famous by its thin, crisp, and inexpensive pies. It's a favorite for both locals and tourists alike. It's certainly a no-frills place. They usher you in, demand your order, and throw your pie at you as fast as possible. Don't expect to linger, and you may have to share your table with other diners, as we did. At least our dining companions were able to take this photo of us:

We had our pie with red sauce, mozzarella, and slices of spicy salami. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. We stopped at Da Bafetto on our last night in Rome, right before heading to another restaurant where we actually had dinner reservations... after all, we had to try this pizza before leaving Rome! I am so glad that we did.


The final pies I felt were worth sharing are those we enjoyed in Ravello, a tiny town on the top of the hillside overlooking the Amalfi coast. I was feeling absolutely nauseous from having been driven from Positano on the famous cliffside "Amalfi Drive." I needed to eat, and fast. I ordered a white pie with mozzarella, potatoes and mushrooms:

The mushrooms were juicy, the potatoes tender, and the cheese plentiful and oozing. I didn't come up for air until I had finished the entire pizza.

But it was M who ordered the most amazing pizza of all. His pie had red sauce, mozzarella, and was completely covered in FRENCH FRIES.

Every single fry was perfectly crisped on the outside and soft-savory potato on the inside... It was unbelievable. I didn't know it was possible to pull of something that satisfied the American and Italian palates at the exact same moment. I simply could not keep my fork out of M's plate. It was too irresistible.

Now that I've shown you enough carbs to last you a few days, I'll be back to share some of the favorite pasta dishes I ate. The pizzas we ate on our travels in Italy were all unique and every restaurant made theirs in a slightly different way than the last, but each pie tasted wonderfully fresh, the way a pizza should. 

On occasion, I find my mind wandering mid-workday to what it tasted like to take a piping hot, smothery bite of pizza in Italy. Particularly, these favorite pizzas I've shared with you here. While I am not sure I'll be as adventurous as topping my pizzas with french fries in the future, I am glad I have enough delicious memories to last me a lifetime.

June 13, 2011

Back from Italy and Dreaming in Pasta

Don't you just want to devour every last strand of this carbonara, then scrape up all of that lovely sauce from the bowl with a big piece of crusty bread?

Me, too.
All over again.
I'm back from the honeymoon, and have lots of great eating to report! In the next few posts I'll detail my favorite dishes from Italy. We dined our way through Rome, Ischia, Capri, Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi. I'll be dishing which spaghetti carbonara reined supreme and why, and divulging the eclectic pizzas toppings we encountered, from french fries to prosciutto and everything in between. I'll share how we made homemade gnocchi and ravioli, my new love for lemon cream sauce, and why I am not a huge fan of dining on scary looking fish. 

Stay tuned. I can't wait to relive every last bite as I share these delicious travels with you!


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