August 10, 2010

....and we're back!

It's been over two weeks since I last posted! This would be a sad thing if I hadn't just spent the last two weeks eating many many delicious things. So, I am sorry for the hiatus, and hello again. 

Last week was spent in Martha's Vineyard with my family, where vacation was essentially spent killing time between meals, such as this delicious dinner plate of grilled swordfish topped with herb butter:

Hot off the poolside grill, it was charred to perfection and fabulously flavorful, prepared by Michael, who is a wonderful chef at my dad's cousin's compound (which is where we were lucky enough to spend our days on the island).

A number of the meals that were prepared over our vacation week were family specialties, and though I wasn't able to capture them all, I am excited to post  some of the recipes and photos here on Pumpkin Prose as soon as I am able to. These include delightfully light and buttery yeast waffles, fluffy grilled pizzas, and a refreshing red sangria.... So stay posted! I can't wait to share these family favorites.

A couple other photos: Fresh crepes filled with berries and whipped cream:

And a crepe cake!


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