November 17, 2010

Tiny Turkey Day 2010

Tiny Turkey Day is holiday that M and I began as a way to celebrate Thanksgiving twice. It started four Thanksgivings ago, when M lived in Philly and I in Manhattan, and we decided to have our own Thanksgiving dinner for two before parting ways to spend the holiday with our families. It had been a tumultuous Fall and we had a lot that to give thanks for... especially that somehow we were still together.

On the first Tiny Turkey Day, M and I roasted a tiny turkey for two (this is how the day got it's name). We spent the entire day cooking in his big, barely equipped brownstone kitchen. While the turkey was in the oven, we made every dish from scratch: stuffing, gravy, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, and cranberry sauce.

That night, after the dinner feast, we bundled up and took a walk. It began to snow. When we got to Fitler Square Park, we found a bench and sat in the darkness talking for two hours as snow fell on us. I still wonder how neither of us felt the cold, but we both could have sat there all night. Fitler Square is where I found M's proposal two years later, written in sidewalk chalk.

I said:

Back to 2007. It got late, so we returned home and finished off three small pies. We were stuffed and happy. Our first Tiny Turkey Day left us with memories that M and I still look back on with much love. It's definitely a day that solidified our love, despite all the difficult changes that surrounded us.

When I moved to Philadelphia, M and I decided that our Tiny Turkey Day would be even more wonderful if we spread the love around and shared it with friends. After all, it began as a day to give thanks for and share the holiday with people in life who make it all worthwhile.

Tiny Turkey Day is in its fourth year, and as M and I say, "the turkey isn't so tiny anymore!" We have a 17 lb. bird and friends coming in from far and wide. We couldn't be any happier to share the day with them, and all of the recipes with you!

Tiny Turkey Day 2010 Recipes: recipes will be posted as they are made.

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