March 31, 2011

Kisses for Lauren and Matt: A Party Focused Post

I am sorry for the brief hiatus. I am back now, but I was gone for a little while. Within four days my family had a funeral, a bridal shower, and a 90th birthday party. I can finally write now because my exhaustion has lifted just enough so I can see through the tired haze of roller coaster days.

I'd like to share with you my bridal shower, hosted by my vibrant and loving bridal party.

After all, this blog is about cooking and so much of how we enjoy food has to do with for whom and why we are preparing it. Food can taste better simply based on the design of the bowl it's eaten from, the company it's enjoyed in, or the festive ambiance of a gathering. In a bridal shower, it's amazing to see how the details of entertaining can make a huge difference.

The little wine glasses were decorated with our initials and lined up, ready to be filled!

Of course, I had my own drink ready:

Guests were handed a fizzy pomegranate, blueberry, and prosecco cocktail the moment they arrived.

Everyone received a necklace with a word having to do with our wedding on it. If a guest was caught saying that word in conversation, her necklace would be taken from her. The person with the most necklaces at the end won a prize!

Meanwhile, we munched on an array of wraps catered by my favorite high school deli (nostalgic!), an amazing pesto and mozzarella pasta salad, foccacia, and two of my favorite green salads: spinach with strawberries, feta, and sliced almonds with poppy dressing, and caesar with shaved parmesan. YUM. I am one lucky bride.

Little things make an impact at a party, such as color coordinated wrapped utensils, plates, and coffee cups.  I am sure my food tasted better because of those fun square plates!

Finally, guests went home with little baggies of dark and milk chocolate kisses. The kisses were wrapped in purple and silver, and so they matched the shower colors, along with the stickers on these adorable favors.

My shower was so memorable and special because of the great women who surround me every day and on that day! I can't believe there are less than two months until our wedding, but I have a lot to look forward to knowing that I'll be spending it with the great ladies who planned this event. Feel free to contact me if you want any of the recipes above, or if you'd like to share your own favorite tips for food presentation and hosting parties!


  1. How pretty! Congrats. Love the colors.

  2. Thanks! The shower was planned with a Holy Cross purple and white theme (my college and its colors), which is where my fiance and I met!

  3. Wow, your bridal party did a superb job! I realy like the square plates, too. Are your wedding colours also white and purple?

  4. Wedding colors are coral, black, and white, but my college colors were purple and white. My sister was the brains behind the awesome plates and color scheme. i am glad you like it!



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