June 30, 2010

Gouda Grilled Cheese

It's a winter's meal on a summer night, but I was really feeling like a comforting grilled cheese sandwich and a side of some hot, sauteed kale with walnuts.

Hence, this oozy, gooey, salty gouda stuffed grilled cheese sandwich on hearty, nutty multigrain loaf. Every single chewy bite was heaven. The rich and sturdy Beemster Classic gouda melts just enough -- it's not going to pour out of your sandwich like another cheese (ahem, American), but instead hugs the edges, peeking out of the sides but sticking firmly to where it belongs. Using multigrain bread is a perfect pairing -- it is soft without being overly yielding, and when lightly toasted brings out the sweetness of the grains, which enhances the salty cheese. At the end of the day though, it's a grilled cheese. It's simple, not a big deal, but really is delicious.

2 oz. Beemster Classic Gouda
2 slices multigrain loaf
1 T. Earth Balance butter

Spread the butter on the outside of the toasts, lay hunks/slices of the gouda in between, then place on the griddle, allowing it to brown lightly on both sides as the cheese melts.

Take care not to burn, as I did below! Enjoy!

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