July 16, 2010

Apple Peanut Butter Crunch Snack Attack

This is a silly post, but really sometimes you just need a snack. I love snacking and I need a snack very often.  Thus, this snack is important. It needs to satisfy all of my cravings: salty, sweet, crunchy smooth. I like it to have protein, carbs, and a fruit or veggie in there would be nice. Some fat is good, too.

May I present the apple peanut butter crunch snack:

Try writing the word "snack" over and over like I just did. It begins to look more and more strange until finally the word barely makes any sense anymore. In fact, it makes no sense right about now.

Anyway, this snack (argh!) is one that satisfies all of my cravings so that I don't keep on raiding my desk drawer until there is nothing left. It's a fun and tasty treat, though the crunching may attract hungry colleagues. Happy snacking!

Apple & Peanut Butter Crunch:
1 Gala or Fuji Apple
3 T. smooth peanut butter
1/2 cup Kashi GoLean Crunch or your fave granola

Slice the apple and layer on the peanut butter. Then, dip the slices in the Kashi or granola. Snack away.

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