July 13, 2010

How to Make a Fun Cake Base

I feel sad for my springform pans. Inevitably, they end up being a base for lots of slicing of the cake that is assembled on top of them, and end up with many a silver scar to show for it. I decided it was time to stop abusing my springform pan bases and start getting creative. I don't own a cake stand, but even if I did, assembling a cake on the cake stand poses a problem of exposing the cake to air (unless it has its own cover). So I home-made a little circular base that I could assemble, decorate, move my cake around on, as well as tuck inside my cake caddy:

Since my cake was an 8" round, I made the base a 9" round to give myself room for decorating, slicing, and also to let the pretty print show.

Here's what you need:
A piece of cardboard
A round pan or baking dish
A pencil or pen
Double sided tape or glue dots
Regular tape
Decorative scrapbook paper
Wax Paper

Trace the baking pan on the cardboard. Cut out the circle. Trace the same circle on your scrapbook paper. Cut it out. Place double sided tape or glue dots close to the edges and on the inside of the cardboard circle. Then, carefully line up your scrapbook circle and press firmly on top. Next, rip off a big sheet of wax paper and place it on top of your circle. Turn the circle over and tape down the wax paper on the opposite side of the cardboard like this: (can you tell it was a beer box? This is not an ad for Sam Adams)

It may not look pretty on the opposite side, but just firmly tape the wax paper down and smooth it so that the edges are rounded and neat. Then, turn it back over and put your cake on it, like I did with this one. You can get creative and use photos, articles, or any other interesting print! Happy tracing and baking!

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